What is a blog?

The word “BLOG” comes from the word Web-Log.

A BLOG is an informal conversational styled website – to provide regular information posted by the individual owner or a small group of people working together to contribute about a set of subjects that suits the topics of your blog / website. It is also a tool or method to interact with your clients, readers or just anybody visiting and reading your blog articles – as they can leave comments on each blog post.

You can add a Blog to your website, or you can start with just a blog. But first, listen to this video introduction to get a better idea.

Watch this quick video introduction on Blogging

Where your websites’ pages are set and designed beforehand, and you usually pay per page designed – with a BLOG you only pay once for a theme to be designed. If you already have a website, the theme will more or less be the same colors and design as the rest of your website. However a blogs’ theme includes some other extra cool tools that can be included in the sidebars as explained in the video.

So you once pay once for the theme – and then you are in control of creating as many posts – which in effect is like pages – on your site – you can do thousands if you like, no limits!

Benefits of Blogs

So if you are ready to take the next leap in boosting your online presence – see this list of benefits just why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

  1. Blogging improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by A LOT! This means your online visitors will increase exponentially. If you just have a website with say 3 pages – Google (or any of the other 20+ search engines) will only see your 3 pages. If you add a blog, and blog each month at least, suddenly you have 3 + 12 pages in one year. So SEO recognizes that you are much more “out there” and the chances are, the keywords people are using to search topics on Google for example, will be picked up by your website and Google will suggest your website & blog – and so people will go there.
  2. Convert visitors into clients, by adding a popup or link on your blog for people to subscribe. For more information on how to turn this subscription into clients – see our Tips & Tricks training documentation for members only.
  3. Establish your authority in the industry by posting quality content. People will be sure to come back time and again because they know where they can get extra information on topics related to your business.
  4. Create a buzz among people, because when you regularly share fun or informative blogs people are bound to share these with their friends and family either via mail, whatsapp or social media.
  5. Humanize your products and services, by showing that you care to share information and not just make quick sales. People love this and they are bound to be more dedicated to these kinds of brands.
  6. Support your social media accounts – make life easier. As a business owner, you should already have a social account that supports your type of business like facebook, instagram, etc. Why not make your life easier by posting once to your blog – and then it automatically gets shared to your social accounts – and that way keeping all your social platforms alive.
  7. Engage with clients. One of our Tips & Tricks training articles we explain how to find new clients. By allowing comments and responses by regular blogs – you are attracting the vocal and silent spectators. This way you are also getting to know your target audience better.
  8. Free Marketing – Grow Interest in your products and services by freely marketing and showcasing your business on a platform with like-minded visitors, subscribers and clients.
  9. Monetize your blog and let it provide you with an extra sideline income. For more info see our Tips & Tricks training.

Remember this is for any type of business – because you are passionate about your business – you should write and post about the following

  • Events that have happened – or going to happen – add a booking form, or a coupon if it is your company’s birthday!
  • If you are doing something new – let people know. Are you upgrading your logos or brands or painting your offices.. share it.
  • At least once a month, share one of your products and the benefits of it, give some training on those products – What are your favorite products, and make it personal. And don’t forget to share HOW people can get these products!
  • Share some advice or just write some information about your business that you want to share the passion of!
  • Share some history about your business – or any history, even on where your business is located. People do love history and it attracts website traffic.
  • Do you love taking photos – don’t forget to share them here on this platform with the world! Add some comments, make it fun – and let people know how they can share in the fun.
  • Any news or newsletters you are sharing – make it part of your blog
  • and much much more !

Blog Training

See our Training Articles if you are a member on

  • HOW to write blogs
  • WHAT not to do, or avoid
  • MAKE money on your blogs
  • DRIVE online traffic and make sure to get new clientele business
  • and much more!

If you are not a member – and would like HOW to Join?

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