What is Needed to Start a Website

Starting a business can be daunting and exhausting – with the amount to do from registration, tax, vat, finding clients, accounting, product research, product marketing… No wonder most business get left out with the website – which is pretty important – why?

  • You will probably get or need a proper business email.
  • Clients will look at your email and want to see your website – which is your public profile. Doesn’t exist…. hmmm clients will think twice about using your products / services

As a business – you do have a public image to uphold. You either have a store with lots of branding, or a business car with branding or magnets.. but your website is where Everybody can see your business – and is more important than a physical store standing in just one location.

So you want to start – WHAT DO YOU NEED TO START?

  1. Choose your WEBSITE NAME – www.mybusinessname.co.za
  2. Most South African Companies are .co.za – so stick with it, they are cheaper than .com – THIS IS CALLED YOUR DOMAIN. Your domain name / website name is paid yearly – but with us, a .co.za is FREE!
  3. You will need to HOST your domain on a server. This means you are using data space to hold your website design and also all your emails, on a server. This is normally paid monthly by most hosting companies. Don’t know how much hosting space you will need? Start with the smallest – 1GB – this is enough to hold a small companies website and email. If you reach your limits – upgrade.
  4. Choose what email address you would like to go with your domain. General words like “info@”, “support@” are good, as well as personal names like “johnx@mybusinessname.co.za”
  5. Do you have a Logo? With a Logo you will normally decide which fonts and colors also represent your business.
  6. Gather Images, Company Profile documentation, Flyers, Photos – as much info as you can – to be displayed on your web profile. Whatever you cannot gather – we will help you.
  7. Get at least one social media account started. The helps a lot with search engine optimization. We will also provide you with training on how to market and score points with SEO like google search engines. We will link your social accounts on your website – so client can find and follow you!

Do you have these 7 points answered? Now you are ready to go! Fill in the form below and we will have your site up and running within a week!

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