What is Organic SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is doing tweaks and settings on websites in the background coding of your web-pages and blogs – so that search engines can easier find you when clients do a search on google, or any of the other 20+ search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

here you will type your key words that you are searching for

SEO Setup

The tweaks include setting up keywords and key-phrases in the pages and the coding of the pages. When clients do a search on google, the search words or phrases they are using are called key words or key phrases. When these match up (or closely matches up) to the keywords on your website setup – your website will reflect on the search results.

Getting SEO Results

of the 4+ billion results, your company should list as high as possible.

With the results, there will be a few pages – and you want to try to get to the first, or at least, second page. But after that people won’t look much further. So you want a high ranking SEO performing website.

Improving your Rankings

*1 > The first step to improving, is adding as much content (preferably text, but also included are images and videos) to your website. This is easier with a blog – because Blogging enables you to add more and more over time.

*2 > The second step is to know the rules and tricks of SEO – which first needs to be setup by your website designed by request – as this takes much effort and time.

*3 > If you have a blog with us, we will then give you the remainder of the tips & tricks on maximizing your SEO score ranking when you are blogging.

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