Why do I need a website?

Opening Your Business Doors

Today – if you open your business doors – it is not just those physical doors in Main Avenue, launched with an ad in the newspaper, and hoping those clients won’t walk by… but actually come in and be welcomed with a friendly smile.

The clients you get in a physical store – are those ones who know about your shop, the ones walking by daily or by accident, and the ones who heard about you in an Advertisement. They will then phone you or drive to your shop so that you can make your sales.

However – if you have a website – then you will be drawing “internet” clients. Did you know your physical store clients would only count for 5% of your sales? That means you have a whole world of clients you could be accessing if you have the “world-wide-web” as a Store Entrance too!

THAT is exactly what a website is today – it is another set of doors to your business!

Clients DO love shopping and going to a physical shop – no doubt. It is like reading books vs e-books – there is nothing like the real-deal. However, do not doubt the power of the online world. Since 2015 the e-commerce market have almost doubled every year – more and more people prefer online shopping to save time and money (petrol – as well as bigger savings are often offered online than in the shops!)

Business Clients

Business Clients ALWAYS go online first!

Today in Business – Internet is an absolute 100% MUST!

  • You must have access to the internet
  • You must have an email address – not just any email, like gmail – a Business Email address
  • You must have your business displayed on the internet with a website
  • You must have some social media – so clients can follow your business on their phones, and in their own private “world”.
  • Your business must appear on Google and Google Maps for people to find you when they search your company name.
VIP = Online

The bottom line is, if you do NOT have a business website and you are a serious business owner… then you are stuck and you need urgent help to become free. Don’t limit yourself to just a few walk-in clients per day.

Today everyone uses SMART phones, SMART TV’s and you even get SMART fridges as well as cars are going online. The SMART thing to do is to be online when someone is looking for you. Everytime some cannot find you online – you are losing a client. Everytime someone is googling for services or products that you could have provided – you are losing a client.

An interesting thought… Google how many searches are done for your products / services!
Don’t fear – We are here to help you!

We provide all the Tools AND Training

Talk to us if you need help to setup – this is what we do – help businesses go online!

1) We will setup your email – on your computer in Outlook and on your phone.

2) We will charge you only 1 website FEE – not 5 separate fees and confuse you with jargon which you need to research on your own. We will explain everything and make sure you are covered.

3) We will protect you from hackers and spammers, so you don’t have to waste your time and money on things like this – but instead focus on your business.

4) We provide FREE training and FREE support on all the topics you need – we are your personal website, email and social media support system!


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