What is a Search Engine?

According to Googles’ Dictionary, a search engine is ” a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web. “

In other words… A Search Engine – is a Program (like a tool or app) that you use, to search for something (like a word / picture / video / etc) , on the internet (out there).

In a even shorter explanation… it is what we call to day “to google”. GOOGLE is your search engine.

But – Google is not your only Search “Friend”.. there are hundreds… actually thousands! Ever heard of Yahoo or MSN? A few (ok quite a few) years ago Yahoo was thé search engine to use … google didn’t exist. Google became the number one search engine after 2002. MSN is again the search engine that belongs to Microsoft – therefor when you open your internet browser with microsoft, they will generally show you the msn.com search engine and website.

Each search engine (program) uses their own algorithms, formulas and processes to store and pick information, and how they order that information to display to you the user. Google especially is famous for changing their algorithms regularly so that people don’t figure out ways to “jippo” the system to become number one on google search results. So for marketing people to promise you they can make your website always appear on the 1st page of Google is a lie.. as you cannot pay google to be nr.1 and you can’t beat their algorithms.

Anyways – there isn’t just Google to worry about! Today even Facebook, Youtube and Amazon are search engines in their own right! Anything with a search icon 🔎 is or uses a search engine! And what you have to consider….. (drumroll…) is

How do I get my business and website on each important search engine? !

Some people will maybe be on facebook.. and search for “builders in kempton park” – and the question is… will facebook list your company if you are a builder? So the next question is

How do I get my business on facebook? (or any other search engine?)

Ok.. that is the same question as before – which means it is an important question! What you need to do is think of places where people will search for your services. And this includes places like Gumtree, OLX, junkmail, etc! Yes – they are search engines too. And then on each of these places… Add your services! For facebook.. even in your own personal profile – create a post (regularly – not less than monthly) to state “Hey do you need builders in Kempton Park – I can help you! Contact me….etc” … and facebook will pick up your post and display it in the search results!

There are then a lot more tricks to get listed on search engines… but these tricks I share for free with my clients. Would you like to know more? Would you even like me to help you get listed and find new clients online – then CLICK HERE to send me a message!

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