What is a Browser?

And which one is the best to use?

On our previous article “What is a Search Engine” I explained how to get your business listed on Search programs like Google and Facebook.

This week I’m explaining a browser, because it is important for your computer and business’ security and performance.

Browser : Definition

A browser, very simply is an app that you download on your phone/tablet – or install on your computer. This browser app you then use to GO TO a website, or go to a search engine like Google.

The first browser was called WorldWideWeb in 1990. This, in turn, sparked the Internet boom of the 1990s, when the Web grew at a very rapid rate.

Browser : List – Which to use?

Apple released its Safari browser in 2003. It remains the dominant browser on Apple platforms, though it did not become popular elsewhere.

The last major entrant to the browser market was Google. Its Chrome browser, which debuted in 2008, steadily took market share from Internet Explorer and became the most popular browser in 2012, and has remained dominant ever since at almost 65% of all browser users. This is probably because everyone talks about ‘google it’ to search for something.. so Google is so famous, and therefor their browser is too (Chrome). What also makes Chrome a favourite is its’ user friendliness, and general function for the everyday googler.

Now when I was in IT (programming and database specialist), the IT guys & gals swear by Firefox. Now if you were to google.. not the most famous browser… but “the best browser”… it is by far still Firefox, or also called Mozilla Firefox. It gives very good security, blocks those annoying allow-notifications popups, and many other great function as well. However, since it is not so well know under the general public – Firefox is NOT doing well! It’s future is unknown.. but if you are considering another browser, especially for security – use Firefox while it is still available.. you might just save this awesome browser from extinction.. as competing against Google and Microsoft is a mission on its own.

Talking about Microsoft… well…. now I might not help Firefox here. Because why? People today are all about speed! Security.. hmm should be no.1 on the priority list, but it isn’t. Speed is everything. And from a decade ago, Microsoft was absolutely struggling with Internet Explorer. But Microsoft recently bought the same software that powers Google Chrome.. and it has brought Microsoft’s’ browser, called Edge to be even better than Google Chrome! It is very, very fast… and includes some useful features including Read Aloud, ad-blockers and many nice features.

Other browsers that might sound familiar are… Opera, Vivaldi and Netscape. At the end of the day, the browser you might be using by default – is the one that came with your phone, tablet or computer. If you have Microsoft installed, you will see Edge nowadays. If you by android phones, you will see Chrome and Google setup by default for you. But if ever you are not happy with a browser… or keep a separate browser for separate functions or goals – remember you have a host of choices – and I have given here the best ones to use today.

Why a 2nd browser?

I find it very useful to have extra browsers. For example I’ll use one browser for work and website designing. Another browser to test my websites, or create extra logins (whilst at the same time I might be logged in at the same website on my 1st browser with a total different login username/password). And then specific browsers for personal use. When you play with different browsers, you will quickly learn what is the best one for your environment.

Some Browsers Today…

Article compiled by Melanie C. Melanie has extensive IT knowledge and skills, but today she thoroughly enjoys website designing and working with entrepreneurs and business owners. You are welcome to contact her at info@printandwebdesigns.co.za or CLICK HERE

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