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8 links - Print and Web Designs love to share some online Business Tips with you. Some information are *insider tips, for only R125p/m - or get it for free when you buy a website from us!
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Hi Business Owners! Print and Web Designs have just launched their new online shop & training tips center - feel free to check it out!

On this channel I will randomly share some awesome insider online tips with you - on how to increase your sales and customer base, your online presence and performance points with google!

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How to use your Woocommerce Shop

In this article, I will show you how to manage your E-Commerce store (products and orders) using the very famous and popular Woocommerce setup. If you do not have a E-commerce store yet, let me first tell you about the great advantages of having one. No matter what business you have, you can always sell…
Understanding Website Cookies and the Law

Understanding Website Cookies and the Law What are these cookies? Cookies are text files transferred from your browser to your computer’s hard drive. They store information about your activity on a browser. Companies worldwide use cookies to monitor user behaviour and to improve website interactivity. Cookies store certain personal information you provide on a website.…
What is reCAPTCHA?

What is reCAPTCHA? reCAPTCHA is a free security service from Google that protects websites from spam software and abuse by non-human visitors. This service is most often used when you fill out forms on the Internet. A Captcha service is an automatic test, which is supposed to ensure that an action on the Internet is…
What is POPI/POPIA – in a plain and quick nutshell

POPI or POPIA stands for the Protection Of Personal Information Act. It is South Africa’s equivalent to the EU GDPR policies. Commencing from 1 July 2020, and a grace period deadline of 1 July 2021, this complex law would have a broad impact on persons and industries on how to process personal information. This act…